The main languages spoken in KL are English and Bahasa Malaysia (Malay). You will have no problem conversing with the people here in English, be it to ask for directions or the best spot to eat and party.

However, once you've discovered KL and its amusing urban vibe, you'll find that KL's actual language is 'Manglish' - a heady mix of the Queen's English infused with KL's own street slang and character. Want to sound like a KLite? Just add a resounding "lah" at the end of your sentence and you're good to go. Give it a try lah!

The following commonly used words and phrases in English and its translation in Bahasa Malaysia can be useful to you:
English Malay
• Good Morning • Selamat Pagi
• Good Afternoon / Evening • Selamat Petang
• Good Night • Selamat Malam
• Goodbye • Selamat Tinggal
• Welcome • Selamat Datang
• How do you do? • Apa Khabar?
• Thank you • Terima kasih
• You are welcome • Sama-sama
• I'm sorry / Excuse me • Maafkan saya
• Can you help me? • Bolehkah kamu tolong saya?
• Yes • Ya
• No • Tidak
• Left • Kiri
• Right • Kanan
• Stop • Berhenti
• How much is the fair? • Berapakah tambangnya?
• I don't understand • Saya tidak faham
• Where is ...? • Di manakah ...?
• Road / Street • Jalan