Message From The Mayor of Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur is home to me and to 1.8 million other KLites. It is a place where a variety of cultures are all infused into one melting pot to offer a unique experience to visitors. Where else can you savour the meanest street food with one of the world's most iconic structures in the background?   KL is definitely a place where everyday fun and world-class sophistication meet to create a unique destination for travellers, filled with Malaysian charm and friendliness – with greetings of "Selamat Datang" (Welcome) everywhere you go.

Kuala Lumpur, the main gateway to Malaysia has a variety of attractions ranging from culture, heritage & places of interest, shopping, entertainment, nature & adventure, luxury travel, sports, business & events, medical & wellness, and education all showcases the city’s contrasts and diversity. This is what makes KL distinctive and the city’s identity was built on its history, people and tradition in the arts and culture.
This, I believe is why KL has been ranked as a Top 10 City Destination in the World by Euromonitor International for more than 5 years now. The contrasting history and heritage, from the early days of the small tin mining trading town to the metropolis city it is today yet retaining her fundamental identity, will excite, surprise and entice you to discover more. 

KL is well recognised as a shopper's paradise. I invite you to take a stroll within KL's deluxe shopping centres, now linked by comfortable walkways, and vibrant night bazaars and be spoilt for choices. In our city, there's always a time and place to shop. In 2013, KL was voted as the world's fourth best place to shop by CNN Travel. This is a feat I am truly proud of as I see this as a sign of KL opening up to smart and discerning travelers.

I assure you that you will enjoy your time savouring the amazingly diverse culinary options and exploring what the city has to offer. KL's unique diversity - the Malays, Chinese, Indians and other ethnicities - have all injected their own unique influences to the city's art, language, architecture and night scenes. The city is full of flavours, colours and experiences waiting for you to explore.

As I end this, I wish you a wonderful time in KL, and hope that you'll be greeted with a warm "Selamat Datang" as you enter our city of contrasts and diversity.

Enjoy your holiday in KL !

Datuk Hj. Mahadi bin Che Ngah
Mayor of Kuala Lumpur