Museum Telekom

Covering more than a century of Malaysia's telecommunications history, this museum is located in a beautiful neo-classical building, which was narrowly saved from demolition in the mid-eighties. Built in 1928, it started life as a manual telephone exchange, before becoming British Malaya's first mechanical exchange a decade later. The exhibits, over three floors, span the development from morse code telegraph to digital technology. An interactive approach, helps keep the experience fun.

More Information

Opening Hours:  Open Daily 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Closed on public holidays.)
 Admission Fees  Local  International
 Adult  RM 5  RM 10
 Child  RM 3  RM 5
 Student  RM 2  RM 4
 Flight Simulator (Walk In) - 15 Minutes  RM 30  RM 30