Masjid India

Masjid India was built in 1983. It was initially erected as a wooden structure. Members of the Indian Muslims mercantile community living in the premises along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman(then Batu Road), Jalan Tun Perak(the Java Street) and adjacent areas were the main sponsors and financiers of the construction of this Masjid. The original wooden structure was demolished in 1963 and replaced by the present three storey building. Over the last 136 years, Masjid India has evolved into its present position as the premier mosque for the Indian Muslim community. The participation of other communities in the mosque's activities had also increased over the years, reflecting the changing social composition of the area. In 1999 a massive renovation took place.

A basement was constructed to provide more toilets and space for ablution. Additional space for prayers was added above the basement. Separate ablution space and toilet facilities for women were also provided. In 2002, the entire mosque building was given a face-lift by cladding polished granite slabs. Masjid India has remained the focal point for a variety of religious activities and also published and distributed pamphlets on Zakat, Fasting and the Haj for the benefit of the Muslim community. More condominiums have been built within walking distance from the mosque. Both local and foreign tourism are also increasing. These have once again created the need for more space and facilities. Many are performing the Friday congregational prayer in the street. There is no more space for further extension to Masjid India. One solution is to acquire adjacent buildings and make them part of the Mosque.