Kuan Ti (Guan Ti) Temple

Sandwiched between two modern buildings, this small Taoist temple, is amongst the oldest and most characterful places of worship in Kuala Lumpur. Dedicated to Kuan Ti (Guan Ti), the God of War and Literature, it was completed in 1888. The temple is "guarded" by two stone lions, which flank the outer entrance, and then by two Door Gods. A statue of Kuan Ti sits on the main altar, while other deities, including those associated with Buddhism and Confucianism, are also honoured.

More Information

Admission : Free
Opening Hours: Daily  07:00am – 19:00pm (opening hours may vary, so please check with the temple keeper)

Getting There

 Location: Right across the street from Popular Bookstore, and just opposite Sri Mahamariamman Temple.