Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman & Masjid India

These two streets are the older streets around KL and are filled with a mix of old pre-war shop lots and modern buildings. Both are great places for fabric hunting and cheap finds. Many of the retails outlets are family run businesses that have been around for years.

Jalan Masjid India is a stretch of road that is named after the local mosque, which literally translated means “Indian Mosque”. The area is marked with a distinct Indian-Muslim accent and teems with a colourful combination of people and products. The pre-war shop-houses sell a profusion of authentic Indian items such as traditional costumes in vibrant hues, Indian delicacies as well as beautifully crafted ornaments and accessories. You will find any kind of Indian import you desire, from food to jewellery to make-up to colourful saris.

Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman is named after Malaysia’s first Agong (King). The pre-war buildings on this road, with their unique features, still exist and are preserved. Every Saturday, between 5 to 10 pm, the Lorong Tuanku Abdul Rahman is closed to vehicles to make room for a night market that offers an assortment of fabrics, textiles, clothing and food at attractive prices.

More Information

Business activities along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Masjid India is from 9am - 10pm. Night market at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman start form 5pm till 11pm every saturday