Drink Teh Tarik

Teh tarik literally means ‘pulled tea’. This drink is a mixture of milk and tea, and is poured back and forth repeatedly between two vessels from a height, giving it a thick frothy top. This process cools the tea to optimal drinking temperatures, and helps to thoroughly mix the tea with the condensed milk. It is also done to give the tea a better flavour. Teh tarik is the official drink for football fans, much like beer is in the Europe and UK. So, the next time you’re out watching football, instead of ordering a pint of beer, order a cup of sweet frothy teh tarik!

More Information

An element of showmanship exists in the preparation of teh tarik. The ability to drag a long stream of tea above the heads of the patrons without giving them a shower is an amusing novelty for the locals and tourists alike.

In Malaysia, there are occasions where teh tarik brewers gather for competitions and performances to show their skills. Teh tarikhas become recognised along with nasi lemak as part of the food and beverage heritage of Malaysia by the Malaysian government ministry.

You can order and drink Teh Tarik at every eating places in Kuala Lumpur.