Spa & Wellness

KL has a wide range of wellness treatments, from foot reflexology to head massages, with techniques from a variety of international and local traditions. Some of these techniques are well known all around the world, such as the Thai and Swedish massage techniques. However, the traditional Malay urut, on the other hand, is a rarity and is unlikely to be found outside of Malaysia.

Although the overall purpose of a spa visit is to make you feel better, many of the treatments go far beyond mere pampering. Indeed, the best facilities offer a holistic approach, with the aim of providing a long-term boost to both your mental and bodily wellbeing.

Siam Bodyworks

Where the ancient art of thai massage and thai herbal therapy meet the sophisticated

Ancasa Spa

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Asianel Reflexology Spa

Asianel Reflexology Spa - a boutique spa for premium foot pampering, giving you healing and...