By Sea

All passenger sea vessels berth at the Port Klang Cruise Centre (PKCC), a dedicated passenger cruise terminal located at Westport, Port Klang.

To provide comfort for travelers, this terminal is modern and equipped with various facilities and amenities including link bridges for embarkation and disembarkation, covered walkways connecting the wharf side and terminal, ATMs, foreign exchange counters, restaurants, souvenir and gift shops, and duty free outlets. Ample parking space is also available for cars and buses. Access to and from the city centre is either by KTM Komuter (station stops at Port Klang) or by taxi. It takes about an hour, on road, to reach KL from Port Klang. For travelers with more than 5 hours of layover here, it is highly recommended that you visit KL and its main attractions.

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Star Cruises

Star Cruises fleet offers three classes of cruising - the Superstar Series, the Star Series and the Megastar Series...