On Foot

Taking the scenic route on foot around KL is a good way to explore the city. Travelers and shoppers in KL can enjoy pedestrian walkways built specifically for their convenience and comfort. One such example is the KLCC Pedestrian Walkway Bridge, which connects Pavilion KL to Impiana KLCC Hotel and the KL Convention Centre. There are also several other pedestrian bridges and walkways that are currently being built at strategic locations in the city. For instance, the Bukit Bintang-KLCC Pedestrian Walkway offers a spectacular view of KL and its modern architecture.

Another newly built covered walkway is one that links the Pasar Seni LRT station to the Pasar Seni building or Central Market. Central Market is a hot spot for unconventional local arts and crafts.

The walkways in KL are built to be friendly to the visually impaired as well as those on wheelchairs.

The streets of KL are already well marked with road signs and all you need is a map. There are also dedicated sidewalks for pedestrians that are shaded by the trees. And do feel free to ask a tourist police or a friendly local for help whenever you need to.