Must Do Things in KL

Brace yourself up. Step into a city full of discovery and you will be amazed with what it has to offer. Whether you are here as a business traveller, on a honeymoon trip, vacationing with your family and loved ones or merely just transiting before your next destination; there is definitely something enthralling for you to do. Rest assured that you won't get bored and most probably you would be raring to throw yourself into another incredible experience.

Drop by to any of the recommended hot spots, take a stroll in one of our parks, try out some of the palatable local cuisines, shop until you drop, have a blast at one of the buzzing night clubs, get your adrenaline pumping by having a go at one of the extreme activities, be a geek and educate yourself, hone your artistic skills --While in Kuala Lumpur do what the KLites (Kuala Lumpur dwellers) do!

Here is a list of the Top Must Do Things do in KL: